The Board of Finance

It administers and manages the diocesan finances, mobilizes resources and utilization of allocated funds. It also coordinates the activities of the following committees:
a]The Budget committee
It is tasked with receiving all the draft budgets from various committees and prepares the final draft.
b]Appointment committee
Advise the Bishop on the appointment of diocesan staff. They advise shortlist, interview and recommend suitable candidates for appointment by the bishop. They are responsible of the diocesan terms and conditions of service as well as recommending disciplinary action where necessary.
c]Stewardship committee
It arranges courses and training on principles of Christian stewardship and to encourage the parishes and churches on their financial obligations. They also organize diocesan fund raising activities to meet the financial commitment of the diocese.
d]Property and investment committee
The committee has responsibility for diocesan property and assets. They ensure that they are properly maintained and used optimally
e]The faculties advisory committee
They formulate principles and policies in the construction of churches, vicarages and other church buildings. They recommend building plans and carry out other functions related to buildings.

Board on Education

It is responsible for the training; equipping and capacity build personnel for effective church ministry. This Board coordinates the work of the following committees:-

  • Theological education by extension
  • Theological and liturgical
  • Theological training
  • Theological fraternity
  • Formal and informal education


The Board of Missions and Evangelism

Teaches and encourages Christian to take on evangelistic tasks of the church in fulfilling our Lords great commission
b]Sunday School
Their work involves coordinating the works of the children and teens ministry. They also organize Sunday school teacher’s courses and the preparation of literature to be used in Sunday school teaching. They also receive the reports of the Sunday school progress from the Sunday school coordinator.
c] Diocesan Missionary Association 
It ensures that evangelism to the unreached people is carried out. They also approve diocesan missionary area projects and prepare budgets for their work.
d] Mother’s Union
They give advice to the mother’s union coordinator and ensure that members are enrolled into the union. They also organize women rallies and conferences for women. The purpose of this body is to enable their members to demonstrate an example of Christian faith and action in a family life.
They give advice to the diocesan youth coordinator as well as organizing youth rallies and conferences where the youth are taught and trained on modern issues facing them. They also emphasize on capacity building, advocacy and civic education.
f]Kenya Anglican Men Association 
It is to promote God’s kingdom and set forth his Glory. It helps men to grow in spirit mind and body being nurtured in faith for every good work. It also promotes Christian principles in national civil and community life. Its aim is to make men honor the institution of marriage as ordained by God.
g]Pastoral Care 
It exercises watchfulness over the pastoral work of the diocese ensuring that the Christians are cared for and spiritually fed. They also are geared to advising the bishop in regard to the formation of new parishes, deaneries and archdeaconries.
h]Hospital/prison chaplaincy 
To ensure that patients in hospitals/prisons are visited and made to know the lord while in hospital/prison. They also seek ways and means of improving the ministry to the sick.
i]Bishop’s examining chaplaincy 
They interview and recommend suitable candidates for the ministry to the bishop.

Board of Social services and Outreach

The board coordinates development in the diocese. It develops policies and plans for social and economic development. It initiates surveys and research in the diocese in order to embark on development projects. To make this possible the following committees are coordinated by the board, namely: community health and social welfare

Board of Communication and Documentation

This board is to inform and educate the Christians in the diocese on achievements, current events and activities and future plans so that they are informed about church life. It also seeks to promote music and drama as a way of promoting the gospel of Christ. It coordinates the activities of: print media, electronic media, public relations and drama and music.