The governing bodies of the Anglican diocese of Kapsabet are the Synod and the standing committee of the synod who can act on their behalf.

The Diocese of Kapsabet is led by Bishop the Right Rev. Paul K. Korir together with the archdeacon and the rural deans. The bishop of the diocese is elected by a committee referred to as the Electoral College and appointed by the synod. The Bishop is the chairperson of the synod and the standing committee of the synod. He is responsible for ordaining priests and making deacons, consecration of churches, installation and collation of archdeacons and the induction and licensing of clergy, oversight of the clergy and appointment of the diocesan staff.
The diocesan synod of A.C.K Kapsabet meets bi-annually to transact businesses of the diocese between the ordinary sessions of synod the standing committee act on their behalf and as its executive body in advising and assisting the bishop in the affairs of the diocese. The synod also can enact articles and cannons for the management of the affairs of the diocese. However, there are special sessions of synod which may be convened by the Bishop at his discretion if required by at least one third of the members of the standing committees of the synod.